10 steps to plant based. Step 8: Realise your life can be enhanced, not restricted.

Other | Wednesday 13th February 2019 | Rose

Contrary to the classic narrative, in many ways veganism is not a restrictive diet. It pushes you to explore new flavours, challenge yourself with new cooking methods, choose things you never normally would from a menu.
Milk is a perfect metaphor for this. Where previously you had one choice which went mouldy and sour, you now have a dozen tasty, nutritious options. Coconut milk is great in smoothies. Almond milk is best with cereal in the morning and tea if you like it strong. Oat milk foams amazingly in coffee. Milk is suddenly exciting and currently, more options are available every month. Being vegan can force your diet to be enhanced, not restricted.

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Part 9 coming tomorrow. Watch this space.