10 steps to plant based. Step 7: Be flexible, for a while.

Other | Tuesday 12th February 2019 | Rose

Sometimes there are very specific reasons stopping you from going vegan, and more often than not, those reasons are other people; like eating out at restaurants with a non-vegan group, or visiting non-vegan family members. With these situations, allowing flexibility is a completely reasonable approach. Being flexible in the beginning, and allowing yourself the occasional non-vegan meal is okay. You’re still making a massive impact.

This transition step allows your friends and family a transition too, getting used to your new diet, learning about your beliefs. You may have to begin calling restaurants beforehand, or bringing your own dish to a family gathering. But with time, people will start to ‘get it’. A bit of initial flexibility here and there is helpful for them to adjust, it buffers the awkwardness for you, and gives you a release from the rest of the change you’re taking on.

Here we can see parallels between smoking and drinking. People KNOW it’s the right thing to quit smoking, but they justify it by only doing it out with friends. With both of these, willpower is the only thing stopping you from changing your life completely.

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