Guestlist meet DnB sensation Leaf ahead of "Goat EP" drop on Sub-Liminal

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 12th February 2019 | Tom

Sub-Limiminal Recordings started life as a Drum and Bass night founded in Brighton in 2011 by Ben Carvin aka DJ Agro. In 2015 the brand made the transition from club night to record label and put out dance floor killer “Giants Breath” by Damage Report, accompanied by a remix by Total Recall.

Since it's birth, Sub-Liminal has been responsible for showcasing work from some of the best up and coming producers on the DnB circuit, with top notch output emerging from artists like DJ Hybrid, Too Greezey, Dialogue, Guzi, Warhead and Mentah to name a few.

This week sees the label release music from another of Drum and Bass' most saught after newcomer's Aron Soutar A.K.A Leaf, with his heavyweight “Goat EP”. Hailing from The Isle of White, Leaf is certainly a name on the rise in the Drum and Bass world at present. With quality output across an impressive range of labels including Grid, Serial Killaz, Kartoons and Biological beats to his name, he is fast becoming a regular name on many DJ's playlists.

Guestlist caught up with Leaf ahead of the release for a chat about the EP and what 2019 has in store.


What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up this morning? I'm gonna be late for work!

What was your New Year's resolution? To do dry January. That failed New Years day.

If you had to only eat or drink 3 things for the rest of your life what would they be? South African creme soda, Nandos and hot curry.

If I could give you a plane ticket to anywhere in the world right now where would that be? Thailand.

What was the first record (or tune) you bought? I really can't remember. The first few records I got were for free off a friend which I used to just continuously double drop all the time until I bought more. I remember Micky Finn & Aphrodite - Bad Ass was in there somewhere!



What was the last record you bought? Shy fx - Roll The Dice



What would you be doing if you weren’t making music? Probably the same thing I do now - drylining. I would love to do music full time, but I think it would drive me mental!

Which 3 artists have been the biggest influence on your sound? This is a hard one, there have been a lot of artists that have influenced my sound. Not just artists from the Drum and Bass scene. I like to listen to a lot of old Dub and Reggae as well as Drum and Bass so that has had a really strong influence on my sound. Since I started producing though, I think artists like Dialogue, Harvest and Total Recall who inspired me most. It's so hard to narrow it down to just 3 people like Hazard, Spectrasoul, Need For Mirrors, Konichi and Decimal Bass are also definitely worth a mention.

What was your first DJ booking? In a local club down my way called 'The ‘Balcony’.

What's been your most memorable DJ booking to date? There have been a few, but I really enjoyed a small intimate night in Huddersfield last year. Sorry I can’t remember the name of the event, but it was a VIBE!!!

What first got you into Drum and Bass? Listening to sets downloaded off LimeWire. If you know then you know!

How would you describe the Leaf sound? Deep, rolly, dark, light, chilled, yellow, black hahaha I dunno … I make what ever I vibe too!



You started producing in 2012 and rumour has it one of your first ever tunes was played in Fabric, how did that come about? One of mates moved up to London and managed to hook up with Potential Badboy, he managed to get some of my tunes to him. He liked a few of the tracks I sent over, which at the time were probably my first ever productions. There’s a video of it somewhere getting a reload on the night aswell, which was a great feeling.

What's the biggest lesson you've learned since your debut release in 2015? Too many. Its all one massive learning curve!!

What's the story behind the “Goat EP”? A collection of naughty basslines that I’ve curated in the lab. I found sample of the guy saying “that fat goat” on splice and thought hey lets get some goat noises off youtube and make a goat tune. Would be awesome to play it in a club (which I don’t even think ive done yet!)

Which is your favourite tune and why? I actually quite like the last track on the EP “Concious State” ft. Haribo. It's a different vibe to what I usually make and I really enjoyed working on it.



What are your goals for 2019? To try get some bookings rolling in. So if you would like me to come and shell down some goat riddims in your local or club, contact my guys Urban Agency

Who should we be keeping an eye out for this year? ANFM, Mentah, Too Greezey, Agro, Warhead, Exile, Killill and Dreadnaught.


The "Leaf EP" on Subliminal Records is available from 15th Fabuary 2019 exclusively from Junodownload for 7 days - make sure you check it out!


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