Koffee Is Taking Reggae in a New Direction

Reggae | Saturday 9th February 2019 | Deidre

My first introduction to the young woman who has now taken the reggae scene by force came about seven months ago through BBC 1Xtra’s YouTube channel. Introduced in the video by the Grammy nominated Chronixx as the ‘Original Koffee’, Koffee took centre stage and delivered her lyrics with such confidence that I was shocked to learn that she was just 17 years old. For many people this video was also the first time they had heard of Koffee and it was easy to tell it would not be the last.

In November 2018, I was among the 10,000 people gathered in Alexandra Palace for a night of Chronixx and Protoje. The audience was treated to host of special guests and among them was young Koffee. Wrapped up in a long red puffer jacket, Koffee worked the stage and interacted with the audience with the ease of a headliner, as if performing for 10,000 people was a regular occurrence for her. Naturally a few members of the audience were unaware of who she was but when the question of ‘who’s that?’ was tossed around amongst members of my own group I was able to reply confidently with ‘that’s Koffee’. It was during this performance that she first performed her captivating single ‘Toast’ for a wider audience.

Days later ‘Toast’, her first single, was officially released.

Since it’s release, there has been no escaping Toast (not that you would want to). Three months later and Toast continues to rule the reggae airwaves. It seems as though each day someone new discovers Toast and with the discovery comes a post of the bop on their Instagram story or Twitter which surely makes it way to my feed.

With Toast, Koffee offers reggae listeners something unique. The word ‘fresh’ tends to pop up in discussions surrounding Toast and Koffee in general. Straying from the traditional sounds of reggae and dancehall that we’ve come to know (and love), Toast offers us something new, something fresh but still highly relatable for the Jamaican youths.

In a category of her own, Koffee is leading Jamaican music in a new interesting direction. She has already cemented herself as a future leader of reggae.

In case you haven't already heard it, you can check Toast out here: