Harrison Mayo is one to watch!

RnB/Hip Hop | Friday 8th February 2019 | emma

Harrison Mayo is a 21 year old Jersey born, contemporary r&b/neo soul singer songwriter, whose natural free thinking personality flows into his music. 


Always fascinated by music and sounds, Harrison taught himself the piano and guitar before he was 11 years old. In order to further explore this passion and be surrounded by like-minded people, he swapped home and island life for an overseas performing arts boarding school at the age of 12 all driven by himself.

The independence, dedication and drive Harrison’s obtained from a young age has enabled him to collaborate and establish relationships with many influential industry figures, as-well as perform at exclusive London venues such as Tape and Sketch. 

His eclectic taste and influences (Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, Miguel, James Blake & Frank Ocean) resonate through his pieces, always displaying thought provoking imagery with often ambiguous delivery by his warm comforting yet haunting voice, transporting the listener to his world, a journey that you find yourself on, guided by his storytelling lyricism and melodies.

The 21 year old who is adamant to not be confined nor boxed is rapidly building a loyal following and is very excited to be releasing his debut EP later this year alongside many collaborative projects.

We sat down for a quick catch up with Harrison to talk all things music and find out A little more about his new Valentine’s Day release.

How long have you been interested in making music?


Well, I’ve been singing since I was 8 years old but songwriting and creating music from about 17/18.


Have you released any other music other than the single you're sharing with us today?


Yes , 2 other singles last year; Critical and Over & Over. I also featured on a single for producer/artist nimino for his upcoming debut EP, the track is available on all platforms now.


How did this song come together?


I wanted to travel and make music but be in a different surrounding from London. I love it but sometimes a break from the city does you good! So I hit up my friend and producer, Cyrus who lives in Düsseldorf, Germany and told him my plans, 2 weeks later I found myself walking in the snow to his studio everyday for a week! It was great, a whole different vibe over there. I’ll definitely be back!


Is this song for a special valentine? 

Why do you want to be my valentine? It’s called a Valentine’s Day single for a reason hahah no it’s not for anyone in particular just emotions everyone can relate to.


What are your goals for 2019?

I’m currently 30% of the way through My debut EP which is very exciting so I’m really trying to perfect that but I’m in no rush at all. Just focusing on finding the perfect sounds and progressing steadily. I’m also looking to do more live gigs, but I’ll keep you posted! Follow my Insta for the latest


Who are your main influences?

Wow that’s a tricky one because so many things do influence me, mainly Life and the events that are happening around me but artist wise Chance the rapper, James Blake, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder (of course all the legends), J Cole, Kendrick Lamar... People are often surprised by the amount of rappers that inspire me but I just love words haha!


What, if anything, would you say holds you back?

Well, I’m a massive perfectionist which is a good thing at times but also means I create unnecessary obstacles for myself. 


If no one had ever heard your music before how would you describe it to them?

Honest, care free, bold yet delicate.

Thanks very much!
Click here to listen to Harrison’s new Valentine’s Day release and let us know what you think!