10 steps to plant based. Step 3: Feel guilty.

Other | Thursday 7th February 2019 | Rose

Guilt is a crucial step towards becoming plant based, and is applaudable in itself. It shows you have accepted that your actions are contradicting what you believe to be morally true. If you feel subconsciously guilty eating something, and know you shouldn’t be doing it, this is the starting point from which change can be made. Embrace it, act on this inclination and make yourself proud by avoiding the foods that make you feel this way.

One thing Earthling Ed repeats is the moral question ‘are my taste buds worth the life of an animal?’. It’s hard to justify a diet which contributes to animal abuse, just for a good taste that you could easily find elsewhere.

It is selfish to have animal products for the taste, or the ease - this is valuing a personal moment of pleasure over their life and suffering. Guilt can inevitably wear you down, even when you think you love something. Guilt can be the driving force to you cutting meat or dairy, no matter how good it tastes.

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