6 Million Ways to Dub... Choose One!

Reggae | Wednesday 6th February 2019 | JahMike

In late 2017, roots/reggae/dub artist BuzzRock, out of Trinidad, released a mix-tape with producer and selector Yaadcore, hailing from Jamaica. The tape is entitled 6 Million Ways to Dub and takes us on a scenic journey to the foundation of roots music, stopping for a steady cosmic flow of chanting along the way.

6 Million Ways to Dub allows BuzzRock to show off his vocal versatility as well as his deep-rooted knowledge of reggae music as an art form. It also allows the artist to show his immense passion and dedication to the music; some of the rhythms BuzzRock chants upon are truly classics from the genre's vault, and he manages to give them an entirely new feel while still putting the roots of the music at the forefront of the work.

6 Million Ways to Dub comes following the release of Nobody's Fool in Summer 2017, and since then BuzzRock has gone on to release a multitude of singles, as well as having toured the island of Jamaica itself, and touched down in Europe for a second time. We humbly look forward to what BuzzRock has to offer in 2019!

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