"Mystical Man" Mystics & Moringa with BuzzRock

Reggae | Wednesday 6th February 2019 | JahMike

In celebration of the release of Nobody's Fool in 2017, I sat down with roots/dub/reggae artist BuzzRock, out of Trinidad, and asked about the process he undertook in recording and releasing the album. The first track he released from the album was Mystical Man, a hauntingly ethereal track drenched in cosmic relevance.


Your video for Mystical Man has a particular focus on the moringa plant. Can you tell us about the significance of this, and the idea behind the tune?


BR: Rastafari. Give thanks for RAYA Media who did the video. Up inside that tune there, we just trying to express, as mystical as it could be, the need to keep the plants and dem in the original form, and the need to use them before they get mass produced.


I have a book called Back to Eden, which I'm sure nuff of the I-dem have too, and it does credit certain things, like garlic and ginger, and nuff of these things. When I check garlic now, and garlic in ancient times - even in my tanty times, cos my tanty; she passed away - she trod on at 105, I-Yah! She was reasoning ’til the first day in the land. She wasn't no helpless one - she cooking, she doing her ting. Tanty tell I-man about garlic.


One peg of garlic was smaller than your pinky nail, Fari! If you put that in the pot - if you put the whole one peg in the pot - people want to know if it’s garlic peas you make or garlic rice, because it’s so strong! Nowadays, she say she don't know what that is - what they selling there - because she grate up the whole ting, and she have to pick through the peas to see the garlic, to know if it in the peas at all.


So, I realised that the things that are credited to the herbs - like in Back to Eden - it accredited to the original herb, before it was mass produced. When it get mass produced now - like, the things where them say ginger good for - you had to boil pounds of ginger to get what one little piece of ginger used to give you in ancient times, because it get mass produced.


When I say we bring the moringa in the video now; the moringa is to make the people know to start developing moringa now, before you see it on every shelf and in every tablet, and in every ting! When it reach there and it mass produce, it lose all the real i-tential what it have from the original state, so the mystical man, now, are the ones who [are] mystically aligned to deal with the original ting.


Just like tanty say, she don't know what that is, but it’s not garlic! It look like garlic but she say it big - one peg is like how a whole garlic used to be, she tell me, and she say she put the whole ting and she don’t know if it in there or not. It’s mystical that InI could be the ones - who they would consider ghetto youth, or ones who they ain’t expecting certain knowledges to come from - it’s mystical that InI could be aware, and know the moringa, even before the lab rat and dem.


InI, the ones who know it - deal with it NOW! Don't wait ‘til they start mass producing it. Get your own plant; plant it up; use the leaves, use the seeds, use every part of the moringa, because the moringa’s whole right now. They didn't mass produce it yet, so gwaan deal with it! It have nuff, nuff I-tential! Rastafari.



Mystical Man from BuzzRock's 2017 album Nobody's Fool.


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