TED TALK Review: Tobacco Brown Presents A New Insight Into Gardening

Other | Tuesday 5th February 2019 | David

As more and more of the countryside is lost to make way for urban development, gardening is gradually becoming a lost at. People living in big cities may never even have experiences the joys of gardening in their lives. Which is unfortunate, because as Tobacco Brown explains in her TED Talk, gardening can teach us valuable life lessons and skills, in addition to how to grow flowers.

A succesful gardener for most of her life, Brown views planting and growing a garden as being “the same process as creating or lives”. She then offers several analogies to illustrate her point of how gardening can make people look at life in a different way.

For instance, she describes how trees in the forest will send a portion of their nutrients to other trees which need them more, which Brown believes should represent how humans should help those in need instead of acting in their own interests. She also explains how a caterpillar will have to undergo the painful process of breaking free of its cocoon before it can transform into a butterfly, which serves as an analogy for how nothing worthwhile is easy.

Towards the end of her talk, Brown surmises by saying that she has devoted her life to demonstrating how human activity can be integrated into the garden. She views gardens as mirrors which ‘cast their own reflections into our waking lives’, and even says that the garden is the world living deep inside of you”. Hopefully, people who have never gardened before will give it a try after listening to Brown’s powerful talk.