Dub Food: Musical Consumption with BuzzRock

Reggae | Monday 4th February 2019 | JahMike

Everything around us consumption. We consume vibrations even more so than food, and vibrations through the food we eat, same way. Many of us don’t realise that what we put into our body and the water we drink; it all affects us on a variety of levels including physical, mental and spiritual.


I sat down with mystical musician and roots/dub artist Buzzrock, out of Trinidad, to reason on the importance of Dub Food.


BR: Dub Food is like making the people know, especially in music, that music is a form of food too. Music is consumption. Everything you see, everything you listen, everything you touch, everything you taste, is consumption.


[This means] you’re making it a part of you, in your psychological side and in your biological side. Dub food is food like psychological food - musical food - and coming in London and seeing how the people dem gwaan, it’s like dem really love the food where InI call dub food.


They say music could slew the savage beast dem, and then it have music that could wake him up and rile him up within the I, because the I has seven chakras. You have the lower chakras, which are energised by a certain type of music; a certain type of vibration that you call your animal nature. Your higher chakras are excited by what I consider the dub food, which are the frequencies; the vibration of things; the existence of things. The existence of the Earth; there’s a vibration. The existence of the sun and the existence of the moon; so there is the dub food; there is the musical food that InI consuming every day along with the bad food.


InI glorifying the good musical food and that is what we’re reasoning of in the Dub Food. Rastafari.



Dub Food is a track taken from BuzzRock's 2017 album Nobody's Fool, which you can find on Amazon, Spotify & iTunes.



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