Drum and Bass Pioneer Suv Gives Guestlist the lowdown on his top 10 career defining tracks

Drum and Bass | Friday 1st February 2019 | Tom

DJ Suv is one of the true unsung hero's of the modern Drum and Bass movement, a pivotal member of the revered Full Cycle and Represent stables and one of the major contributors to the what is now known as the highly coveted “Bristol” sound. Suv's musical roots lay deep entrenched in the emerging underground music scene of the late 1980s which he burst onto as one part of the seminal group Fresh 4 along with Krust, Flynn and Judge with the monumental “Wishing on a Star” which reached number 10 in the UK singles chart in 1989.



This month Suv returns to the drum and bass trenches, this time teaming up with highly rated up and comer Jaxx to bring us an unmissable rhythmical double blow in the form of “Spirit” and “Ready Ready” on the prolific Natty Dub Recordings.


“Spirit” is the younger brother of Suv's 1998 smash hit “Ghost” which released under Suv's Bigga Star guise on the legendary Dope Dragon album “Ways of the Dragon”. The track stays true to it's roots building the listener up with eerie intro soundscapes, creepy whispers and stepping drums which explode into weighty Bristolesq bassline greeziness that gives us a perfect update on the original wobble of it's older sibling.


“Ready Ready” takes things up a gear. Pacey intro synth loops lead us into rolling drums that carefully build to the drop then “Ready Ready Ready” and boom! Pure distorted bassline pressure from the duo that will keep even the most hard necked raver shimmying along contently on the dance floor.


Guestlist was lucky enough to catch up with Suv ahead of the release for a the lowdown on his top 10 most career defining releases spanning his illuatrious career, check them out below:-



1) Suv – Output


This tune was made especially to play at the Full Cycle nights at the End club to test that legendary sound system . The dub plate got rewound by the boys so much it is still scratched to this day!



2) Suv – Everybody plays the same


Freebeat and Vbeat, this was a play on 3/4 time signatures. I made it deliberately to venture into unexplored terrain and mess with djs!



3) DJ Die and Suv – War and Peace


A track I made with DJ Die on the V classic album to highlight the troubles of war that us humans always seem to be in involving ourselves in .




4) Suv feat Tali – Do you remember


This was Mc Tali’s first ever release on Full Cycle I made the track to try and showcase a different style Drum n Bass bringing in some much needed funk and swing vibes into the scene.




5) Suv feat Prospekt – Refuge


This was a track we made to raise money and awareness for the Syrian refugee crisis. We decided we would like to help to relieve pressure on the refugee camps and children in Syria and bordering nations by doing what we do best, making music.



link to buy


6) Suv and Jaxx – No Discrimination


This was made to send out the message that music is the one word we all fall under together everyone in the same groove – unity vibes!



7) Reeltime (Suv) and Virginia – More


Vocal track to reach the hearts and show that love always gives more.




8) Bigga Star (Suv) – Raid


Taken from the dope dragon project . These tracks were made for our alter egos and by being called Bigga star I was able to be someone Suv could not be



9) Suv and Don-E Rhythm N' Bass


Showing that drum n bass and soul can be the perfect marriage .



10) Reprazent – New Forms


Made for the new forms album and represent feat bahamadia showing rap can blend well with beats at 165 bpm opening doors to people that might not otherwise listen to drum n bass.



"Spirit" and "Ready Ready" will be available from the Natty Dub online store from 5th Febuary 2019 and you can check the audio out below:-