Getting chatty with Charlotte Devaney: "I always want people to feel uplifted when they listen to my music"

House | Thursday 31st January 2019 | Annalisa

Charlotte Devaney is an artist with an unrivalled work ethic. Having worked with the likes of Rich The Kid, Snoop Dogg, The Ragga Twins, Lady Leshurr and more, she has an undeniable talent for being able to roll out club bangers. We touch base with the creative force behind all things, the woman herself, CD.


Define yourself using three words

Crazy, Sexy, Cool!


What was your first thought this morning?

Hmmm I wonder how many likes my last post on Instagram got (keeping it real lol)


Name one thing are you personally going to work on in 2019?

Its all about the music for 2019, each year I always try & improve what I did last year, so bigger & better tunes and of course having fun along the way!


How was it working with Lil Debbie on the new track?

Lil Debbie is a lovely girl, she’s professional & hugely talented was wicked to get her on Animal, she was a pleasure to work with.


What’s the response been like to Animal?

Animal has had a wicked response, its one of those tracks that won't catch everyone as it's not super mainstream, but people love it especially the video which I co-directed & produced!


How long have you been vegan?

I've been a Vegan for around 3 years, but prior to that was a Vegetarian for most of my life.


What made you want to become vegan

The main reason for becoming Vegan was Animals, the pain and suffering that Animals go through so people can eat and wear them is not something I want to a part of. I love Animals and was brought up with loads of pets. Animal agriculture is also destroying the planet and our health so that's another great reason to go Vegan!


How has it changed your life?

I haven't eaten meat for many years, so it wasn't a massive step for me to go Vegan, but I guess educating myself more and more via social media on how meat and dairy are produced & how Animal agriculture is killing the planet has made me more aware and passionate about Veganism.

You always seem to be working on something new, how do you maintain such a hectic pace?

Haha, I actually never stop! These days you have to be so much more than an Artist, you have to be a Photographer, Video Director, Producer, and an Artist! If you want to succeed in today's market, you have to be extremely proactive and focused.


What is your secret to balance in life?

I think my main secret is positivity & passion for what I'm doing. Music takes up a massive chunk of my life, however, my Animals (4 Rescue dogs) (The Devaney Dog Squad) and friends keep me sane, I also like to go on the occasional beach holiday when I have the time.


You’ve worked with so many people, Fatman Scoop, Snoop Dogg, Rich The Kid, Lady Leshurr... I swear down you must be one of the UK’s most collaborated artists, with links across multiple genres. Who’s next for you to collab with?

I have had the chance to work with a lot of amazing artists, and have lots more lined up! Next up is a track with a sick female rapper from Atlanta called Bali Baby who's killing it in the US right now, the track is really cool, watch this space!


What one thing do you wish you could change or improve in the world?

I wish I could stop all suffering and abuse of Animals, the stuff i see online on a daily basis is heart-wrenching, something, in particular, is the Dog Meat trade in Asia which is so vile and cruel. I give money each month to so many animal charities just trying to do my bit to help.

The world is seriously messed up if I had a magic wand that's what I would change.


If you were going to stop spending money on bullshit, what would you give up first?

I'd probably learn to cook, as I spend way too much money on eating out, I'm a bit of a restaurant food addict!


What's the most magical thing that's happened to you?

Going to LA to shoot the video for Flip It ft Snoop Dogg was a magical experience, hooking up with so many industry heavyweights that have worked with some of the greats, its something I'll never forget.


What would your superhero power be and what would you do with it?

My superhero power would be to put all females on an equal footing with men. Things are changing, but they are not changing fast enough, it's still a lot harder for women in the entertainment industry.  


What do you want people to take away from your music?

I always want people to feel uplifted when they listen to my music. In recent times a lot of music has become very serious and lost its element of fun. My mission is to make people smile and make people dance.


To catch the Charlotte Devaney vibe, what tracks should people go and listen to?

My personal favorite tracks I've made so far are You Got It ft Tanya Lacey, Animal ft Lil Debbie & Knytro, Avocado ft Rich The Kid, Bass Dunk (Tigermonkey Edit) ft Lady Leshurr & Fatman Scoop & Get Ready 4 Tha Drop ft The Ragga Twins… Those will def help you catch the CD vibe!


What’s your go to track to energise a dancefloor?

I have a few including Incredible General Levy & Be Faithful Fatman Scoop.


What’s your favourite track to wrap up a set?

There's only one! Biggie Juicy!


Name one thing with your music you would like to achieve?

To get my music to a wider audience and spread a positive vibe.


What’s next for you?

More music, more shows and the most important thing which is being healthy and happy.

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