Nico Lindsay stays 'Vybzing' on new two-track

Grime | Wednesday 30th January 2019 | Alex

After a raft of strong releases in 2018, notably the 'Codename Lin' EP and a two-track with Minneapolis producer Su Na, Nico Lindsay is starting off 2019 with more fresh sounds - this time self-produced.



On the new release - 'Oh Yeah' / 'Vybzin' - he sticks to a familiar format by balancing a mellow, laidback tempo on the first track with a higher energy B-side more evocative of the faster, drum-led styles, including grime and South African gqom, that he works well with - though each is laced with his often introspective, conversational lyricism, and will have you hooked.

With both settings catered for, expect to hear these playing on the radio and in the club, and look out for more Nico produced tunes coming soon, including a formidable collaboration with MC Obese, titled 'O.B.E.S.E', also featuring his cousin Trim.

You can buy 'Oh Yeah' / 'Vybzing' over on Nico's Bandcamp page now.

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