Jeremy Hunt failed hilariously in using Venezuela to attack Jeremy Corbyn

Other | Tuesday 29th January 2019 | Isaac

On Saturday the UK’s Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, tweeted an ultimatum to Nicolas Maduro. He called President Maduro an illegitimate leader asking for “fair elections” to be announced within the next 8 days.

Whether Britain should be using its political power in this way is something that is up for debate. Some people have criticised President Maduro and his government for plunging Venezuelan citizens into poverty. While others have made the argument that US and EU sanctions have crippled the country's economy.

Either way, the people of Venezuela are suffering and there's no argument that this should be stopped as soon as possible.

Strangely though, no more than an hour after he tweeted his demands, Mr Hunt decided he simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to use the humanitarian crisis to attack Jeremy Corbyn.


At best this tweet is completely unnecessary. At worst it is exploiting the suffering of millions of Venezuelans to try and push forward a failed agenda. As you might imagine, the irony of this comment was not lost on the Twitter community.

Responses included comments on the Conservative government’s infamous arms dealing:

Some decided to point out the government's disastrous austerity policies:

One individual even took it upon herself to argue the UK probably shouldn't be trying to join in on a coup:

Of course, it wouldn't be an MP's comment section if there wasn't at least one reference to Brexit:

But one man above all summed it up the best: