Lenzman explains why these tunes made his top 5 soulful Drum and Bass classics cut

Drum and Bass | Monday 28th January 2019 | Becky

An unparalleled force within Drum and Bass, with Jazz and funk melodies running through his veins, Lenzman is easily amongst the top 5 prolific Drum and Bass producers on the scene today.  Still continuing to amass fans across different audiences and driving the more melodious side of Drum and Bass across the globe, his contribution to the scene has been instrumental in the genre's global appeal, whilst highlighting the music's more soulful and calmer facade along the way. 

With key releases on Metalheadz, such as Swerve classic, "Open Page" feat Riya, Lenzman is currently concentrating on his newly founded label, The North Quarter, an Amsterdam based record label with a foray of international talent comprising of Redeyes, Submorphics,  Zero T and Unitsouled.

With more Metalheadz releases promised in the near future, Lenzman has flown into this year by teaming up with Red Bull Music, hosting a room at their "Refractions" night at Egg club this Friday. He's put together a specially curated line-up which has Liquid Drum and Bass figurehead, Fabio, throwing down a Liquid classics set alongside the "vocally unmistakable" MC GQ for good measure. You will, of course, be able to catch the Lenzman himself on the controls alongside strong support from DJ Flight and Anile.

Guestlist managed to kidnap Lenzman for a short while and interrogate him on his top 5 Essential Soulful Drum and Bass classics and why they made the cut. He's what he had to say.....

Makoto feat. MC Conrad - Golden Girl (Good Looking) 

Wow, this track. The first time I got this I remember playing it twice in one set I loved it so much! I don’t think I ever did that before or since. It’s just could play forever and I would never get bored with this. The signature crispy drums, how do you do those Makoto??? The punchy 808 bass, the melancholic loop, that string section and my god Conrad’s vocals. A classic if there ever was one.

Jaheim - Put That Woman First (Calibre Remix) (Virgin) 

Calibre’s catalogue is just ridiculous, and would be criminal to even attempt to pick his best track, but if that was ever attempted, this would definitely be in the discussion. It’s got soul, it’s got groove, and I’m not sure if anything had ever been done like this before when this came out (well on white label at least, not sure it ever got an official release?). It’s definitely one of the greats for me.

Ill Logic & Raf feat. Don-E - One Stop To Glory (DZR) 

These guys are really influential to the way I approach Drum & Bass, and although their entire catalogue is amazing this might be their greatest track to me. The way it nails that dark and moody soulful sound. They really brought that neo-soul vibe to Drum & Bass but in a very tasteful way. I feel like they have unfinished business and. wish they had stayed around a little longer. One day I’ll be able to convince them to make a comeback.

Influx Datum - Meant Love (Headquarters) 

Influx Datum as a duo and Influx UK after made some incredible House influenced Drum & Bass music, but Meant Love is my favourite track of theirs and I think it has aged the best as well. It still sounds amazing to me, so warm and bubbly and then when the vocal kicks in its game over. I know Fabio used tocain this, but it’s also a classic to so many people. Not sure how this was ever picked as the B side!

Marcus Intalex & S.T. Files - How You Make Me Feel (31 Records) 

I loved what they used to call “Intelligent” or “Atmospheric” Drum & Bass in the 90’s, but towards the end of the decade I found myself gravitating towards some heavier stuff like Ed Rush & Optical because the atmospheric stuff lacked balls to me. I think when I first heard this track it actually blew my little mind. Because it had that weight, but had the hypnotic sound of what I loved in the mid 90s. The vocals just lifted it to a whole other level. I think this along with Doc Scott’s Liquid Fingers really flipped Drum & Bass on it’s head in terms of possibilities - well it did for me at least.