'Vizion I' Cali P's unapologetic new project!

Reggae | Tuesday 22nd January 2019 | JahMike

January 11th 2019 saw the release of Vizion I, the exciting and innovative new project from Swiss/Guadelope-born artist Cali P, an artist known for his diversity in style and genre, and for the heavy bass-line vibration of his music.

Vizion I is Cali P’s first collective release since 2016’s iThoughts and features four brand new, genre-spanning, bass-pulsating tracks. The EP is a collaboration with producer Teka, who has his base in Berlin, Germany, and as if the four tunes themselves weren’t enough, there’s four brand new, visually appetising music videos to go along with them!



“Most High, please don’t let us drown! Lift up my head and keep my feet on the ground!” - Cali P

The first track in the visual EP stream of Vizion I is 'When Things Go Up', a homage to sound system culture and a lyrically powerful statement from the well-established artist, urging us to keep the faith and 'When Things Go Up', don't panic!

“Good to be feared; better to be respected!” - Cali P

Following 'When Things Go Up' comes 'Baddest', an unrelenting salute to some of the most revolutionary in the game; Miriam Makeba, Alpha Blondy, Burning Spear, Bob Marley and Sizzla to name just a few.

“Superstars coming from Nature; representing more than paper!” - Cali P

The third track, 'Life Lessons', brings an ambient twist to the project, the visuals connoting the Rastaman's universal role as teacher; guiding spirit; the force; the bridge between bad decisions and righteous action. 'Life Lessons', again, allows Cali P to make a very clear and bold statement regarding righteousness.

“Set a real foundation for the youths you will conceive; always give thanks for the blessings you receive!” - Cali P

The final track, 'When You Hold Me', is a personal, intimate, laid-back track that rounds off the versatility of the project perfectly.

“When you passing by with your heavenly scent, me, I know, as InI, that you’re heaven-sent!” - Cali P

Vizion I, overall, comes in as a confident, experimentally visual and musically progressive collection of work. The lyrics are firm, the production is crisp and the visuals are explosively fresh. Seeing as it's only January, could this be a preview of what more's to come from the unstoppable Cali P in 2019? Fingers crossed!


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