Hollywood Star Ewan McGregor Narrating New Documentary About Shetland's Wildlife

Other | Monday 21st January 2019 | David

Hollywood actor Ewan McGregor has lent his voice to a new documentary about the wildlife of the Shetland Islands, which will air later this month.

Wild Shetland - Scotland's Viking Frontier will contain footage of some of the most beautiful and rarely seen animals inhabiting the Scottish archipelago, which includes otters, puffins, and storm petrels. The film will also display footage of a pod of orcas hunting seals, something which has rarely been caught on camera. Brydon Thomason, the owner of the Shetland Nature holiday provider, was involved with the development of the film, which he called “really special”.

McGregor, who won a Golden Globe for his performance in the US TV series Fargo, will narrate the hour-long film, with BAFTA nominees Fraser Purdie proving the soundtrack. In addition to showcasing the wildlife the Shetland Isles have to offer, the documentary will also shine a light on the human-related culture which can be found on the islands, including the Up Helly Aa fire festival.

Wild Shetland - Scotland's Viking Frontier will air on BBC One on January 23. Prior to broadcast, the BBC have released a number of clips from the film, on their website, and to say they look stunning is an understatement.