Love out loud!

Other | Monday 21st January 2019 | Saskia

One of our most important values is being an autonomous and free person. However, by standing up against hate speech, we are dictated and dependent. Here is why.


When you react to a person`s action, you are dictated by their action, since you are not acting independently, but as a reaction to their action. Thus, when you answer to hate speech by commenting a post for instance, you are not creating your own narrative, but are more or less contributing to another narrative.


Fortunately, there is an alternative to that. You can be the first one to act, create and spread your values through society by love speech. Engage in creating alternative content online or offline that is more loving, accepting, respecting, informative and is according to your values!


I am not saying that you should not stand up against hate speech. You definitely should! But I am saying that there is more than just reacting. You can be the actor. When you come to think of it, putting others in the position to react to your actions makes you an autonomous and free person. And is not that what we value most?