(2) Let`s start with Socrates-with whom else? #KNOWLEDGEMATTERS

Other | Friday 18th January 2019 | Saskia


Socrates, the guy who basically everybody has heard about even if one is not connected to Philosophy at all. But honestly, could you tell us what he wrote about?


Neither could I, because he did not write anything down. His disciple Plato, however, wrote his conversations down. It might be a little difficult to differentiate which thoughts were from Plato and which ones from Socrates, but we can say with confidence that Socrates had an opinion about nearly everything. Thus, also about knowledge.


So, ask yourself why you know at which time your train to work arrives. You might answer that the schedule says so, the train comes in every time at exactly that time or the conductor told you that the train would come in at that time…


Well, what do you need in order to have knowledge then? First of all, you have to be convinced that the thing you know is right. Thus, you actually have to believe it. But how do you get to a belief? By having a reason for this belief. Your reason for knowing that the train comes in, is that the conductor told you so. In conclusion, knowledge is (by a reason) justified belief. Nonetheless, it might not be as easy as that. I will tell you why here.



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