(1) Knowledge-Philosophical bullshit? #KNOWLEDGEMATTERS

Other | Friday 18th January 2019 | Saskia

Everybody is convinced that they know something. But have you ever considered thinking about the question under which conditions you define such a thing as knowledge?


As a matter of fact, we claim to know what knowledge is all the time.

You know when your train to work arrives, don't you? Yes. But could you tell at which point you determine the time that your train arrives as knowledge?

That is something Philosophers are bothering their heads over for thousands of years. Anyhow, are not Philosophers just those people who never leave their ivory tower? Why would you care about their philosophical bullshit?

Well, mainly because knowledge next to labour, capital and land is considered to be one of the four production factors for business right now. If you know something your rival does not know, you have a huge competitive advantage. But should'nt we be able to define that something which is a competitive advantage?

If your answer was “Yes”, you should start to worry about the definition of knowledge and consider delving into philosophical thoughts.


And be warned, it could actually pay off.


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