Ecosia-the easiest way to plant a tree

Other | Monday 14th January 2019 | Saskia

If you use, you might find what you are looking for. But if you use, you might find what you are looking for and plant a tree on top of that. And that is not all! There are several reason why you should prefer Ecosia to any other search engine.

Trees fight climate change, improve soil deserts, restart water cycles and provide the basic material for honey. Thus, it would be a good idea if someone were to plant more trees. That is also the line of thought the founder of Ecosia Christian Kroll was having when he started the Bing-powered search engine.

Help Ecosia fund planting trees just by searching what you were looking for anyway. It works on nearly every device, does not create personal profiles, encrypts your searches and does not sell your data to advertisers. On top of that, you can turn off all the possible tracking options and Ecosia does not use external tools like Google Analytics. Ecosia also does not make any profits but invests its money in future tree planning.

If you are still not convinced, Ecosia is doing transparent business reports every month.

There is no reason to wait any more... Do your next search with Ecosia!