Benny L's 'Police In Helicopter' is a modern day classic

Drum and Bass | Monday 14th January 2019 | Arren

It’s been doing the rounds for time. The hottest remix on the block that’s been tearing up festivals, clubs, and raves since it first surfaced.

Championed by pretty all the DJs and has had all the ravers going quite literally insane. Of course we’re talking about the madness that is Benny L’s ‘Police In Helicopter’ remix - and it’s finally been released.

The much loved remix of John Holt’s reggae classic has been eagerly awaited since it first started getting spun in the dance. The track got it’s overdue release last Friday by Hospital. Coming exclusively on Beatport, it’s already got itself the top position on the site’s overall charts. That’s some feat, given that Beatport’s top ten is almost exclusively house and techno.

If that doesn’t scream modern classic, than I dunno what does. The tracks release comes ahead of Hospital’s latest installment of Sick Music - where the track features alongside a strong list of beats.

The full release of Sick Music 2019 is set for January 25th. As per previous versions drops only new and exclusive tracks from the Hospital and Med School camp, with some special guests thrown in for good measure. This year features 25 lit tracks from quality producers including; Whiney, Bou, Gridlok & Unglued.

It also boasts South London’s first lady of bassline, Flava D making her first flex into drum & bass, and sees Fred V and Grafix both going solo for the first time in nearly a decade. You can also expect to see the usual Hospital/Med School crew such as London Elektricity, Logistics and S.P.Y up to their usual tricks.

Hospital’s Sick Music 2019 drops on January 25th - Pre order
Though Benny L’s remix of ‘Police In Helicopter’ is out exclusively on Beatport - Buy

Sick Music 2019
1. ‘Burning Me’ - Fred V
2. ‘Poveglia’ (feat. De:Tune (Whiney Remix)) - Degs
3. ‘Funkopolis’ - London Elektricity
4. ‘Dusty Fingers’ (feat. Diana Charlemagne) - S.P.Y
5. ‘Police In Helicopter’ (Benny L Remix) - John Halt
6. ‘Be My Cure’ - Inja & Whiney
7. ‘Bluebird’ - Makoto & Hugh Hardie
8. ‘Ascendant Man’ - Bou & Unglued
9. ‘Return To Me’ - Flava D
10. ‘Lie Awake’ (feat. Degs) - Mitekiss
11. ‘War Dub’ - Lakeway
12. ‘Frozen’ - Grafix
13. ‘Levitate’ - Logistics
14. ‘Nail Out’ - MRSA
15. ‘Reload’ - Krakota
16. ‘It’s Not Techno’ - Gridlok
17. ‘Allergens’ (Bop Remix) - Anile
18. ‘Hive’ - Impish
19. ‘Alignment’ - Polaris
20. ‘Ella’ - Pete Cannon
21. ‘Headshot’ - Murdock
22. ‘Untold History’ - In:Most & Saikon
23. ‘Desperation’ (Primate Remix) - Zephire
24. ‘Red’ (feat. Josh Phillips) - Dip Vertigo & Dr. Apollo
25. ‘Solis’ - Walk:r

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