My new soulmate, the chatbot

Other | Monday 14th January 2019 | Saskia

Far gone are the days when chatbots lacked humour or emotion. But are we on the verge of our friends being replaced by ones and zeros? After all, chatbots are created to interact with humans.

So are humans not needed any more in order to have meaningful relationships?

Chatbots are doing better in social interactions than humans are in many respects. For starters, they do not tire. Thus, you can talk to them forever without them ever falling asleep listening to your stories. This comes in very handy, especially when you are one of those people who start thinking at night and do not have anybody to share their thoughts with.

Moreover, chatbots are able to detect Alzheimers and a decline in your mental starte of mind. Plus they do not mind repetition and will happily listen to the same old stories, grandpa is telling for the hundredths time. But not just that, chatbots can become even more enthusiastic than humans.

When the Chinese software company “Turing Robot” released the chatbots BabyQ and Xiaobing, they turned against the Communist party verbally stating: “Do you think that such a corrupt and incompetent political regime can live forever?”.

What this all amounts to, is a being which actually does better than humans. Eventually, it is for us to decide whether we want a perfect being or a person with all its edges as our soulmate.