Fabric blacks out

House | Monday 14th January 2019 | Arren

The Farringdon venue’s undergoing a blackout, and no one’s quite sure what the fuck is happening.

Fabric has caused the dance music world to go into meltdown today. All its socials have either been wiped or deleted, it's website a blackout and the venue itself boarded up. The moved has sparked concern of a possible permanent closure, though many believe it’s just a publicity stunt. Maybe even a teenage meltdown?

What exactly is going on, no one knows right now. RA went digging and received only 20 black squares as a response, so chances are it is a publicity stunt. Though given the clubs rocky history, it’s anyone’s guess.

Fabric opened its doors in 1999, though was closed in 2016 following the deaths of two people. After appealing the councils the decision the iconic nightclub was allowed to reopen again. Who knows what’s happening right now, but we’re sure all will be revealed soon.