Oscar Winning Director Steve McQueen Working On World War Two Documentary The Occupied City

Other | Saturday 12th January 2019 | David

Steve McQueen's Widows is bound to be an Oscar contender, and the acclaimed filmmaker has already started work on his next project, a World War Two documentary called The Occupied City.

The film will be based on a book written by McQueen's wife, historian Bianca Stigter, called Atlas Of An Occupied City, Amsterdam 1940-1945, and will focus on the events which took place in the city of Amsterdam during the Second World War. The documentary, which is expected to begin production later this year, received around €800,000 in funding from the Netherlands Film Fund, who were quoted as saying “Living in Amsterdam is like living with spirits. It looks like there are two parallel worlds. The past is always present.”

McQueen previously won an Oscar for his historical drama 12 Years a Slave, and is also currently working on a six episode BBC drama about the lives of London’s West Indian community across three decades.