Five reasons to get yourself to Tokyo

Other | Wednesday 9th January 2019 | Saskia

If you are looking for your next travel destination and seeking an exciting place to go to, we have a little inspiration for you. It is quite far away but definitely worth considering going to Tokyo.

We have collected five more than convincing reasons for you to visit this mesmerising city.




Technophiliacs welcome

Tokyo has one district which might not exist in any other city; a whole area filled only with electronic shops! Of course, you can find your everyday camera, but you could stumble over a Bandai Super Vision or an Atari. Akihabara has it all.


Find your favourite anime in real life




Akihabara, is not only famous for its enthusiasm about electronics, but for the possibility to see every character from your most liked anime as an actual person. (Or at least as a person dressed up like it!)


You are safe everywhere



Even though you might be the witness of an earthquake, Tokyo is one of the safest cities on earth. With low crime rates, excellent health care and food safety standards, the best digital security and even special arrangements to ensure safety for women in trains and hotels you do not have to worry about everything except for the occasional pickpocket.


Delicious, extraordinary and still affordable food is everywhere!



Okonomiyaki, Soba, Yakitori or Tempura might sound strange, but your taste buds won't care! Each of these dishes is more than delicious. But besides that, what we love most is not even how good the food is but that you can get everything for a great price. Depending on which restaurant you chose, you can get your Ramen for as little as £ 7.




There is a festival for everybody


Japan in general likes celebrating its “matsuris”, festivals to you and me, but in Tokyo you can really find anything. Whether you are in to fireworks, wind chimes, samba or even looking at penises, Tokyo has it. Head to the Sumida Fireworks on 28th July to see incredibly big fireworks or visit any of the other 20,000 fireworks displays they are doing from July to August. Or if you fancy seeing Japanese people dancing Samba in the most colourful outfits all over the street in Tokyo`s district Asakusa, make sure you visit at the end of August for the Samba Carnival. You could enjoy the peaceful chimes of the wind bells brought in to Ikegami Honmonji temple from all over Japan or go to the Kanamara Penis festival, if you like to delve into the obscene. It is all you would expect with penises everywhere from the decorations to snacks and there's even a parade.

Being a city with diverse and totally different cultural offering than the West has, Tokyo might not be for everyone but if you liked our five reasons to come to this crazy, wonderful, delicious city, grab yourself a flight ticket and don't miss coming for the cherry blossom season.