Subjective's new single's a whirlpool of emotions

House | Monday 7th January 2019 | Arren

First taste from Goldie & James Davidson’s upcoming album is awe inspiring.

There’s not long till Subjective, the collaborative project from Goldie and James Davidson of Ulterior Motive, drop their debut album - Act One: Music For Inanimate Objects. Earmarked for release on January 18th, the LP is the result of many studio sessions after the pair started beat making together following Davidson’s work under Ulterior Motive and his help producing Goldie’s 2017 The Journey Man.

For Goldie these studio sessions were about “following the water as opposed to a strict concept”, so expect the unexpected… In it's entirety the album fuses classical, ambient and electronic elements in a deep exploration of tempos, emotions and sonic landscapes built by the engineering master Davidson and musical genius of Goldie. Davidson explains “It was really exciting to have no boundaries on what we were writing, not restricted by the BPM or anything else - we just went wherever the smiles were.”

‘Rift Valley’, the first single from the breathtaking album, is out already and boasts a stunning video from Strangeloop’s David Wexler. The tune itself is an incredible piece of sound, staring straight into your soul - complemented perfectly with the head turning vocals from Terri Walkers. It’s a perfect starting point for an album that’s sure to challenge and question what we think as normal from two of the industries finest producers.

Watch the video from Subjective’s Act One: Music For Inanimate Objects first single below and pre-order the whole album here.

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