10 Years of Woo Anniversary Announced with Jennifer Cardini at Egg LDN

House | Wednesday 2nd January 2019 | Nicky

One of Berghain’s first resident DJs all the way back in 2005, Marcel Fengler is an uncompromising producer and selector to come from Ostut Gun's close-knit alumni. Blending a range of tones from industrial strength techno to funky grooves, Fengler is undoubtedly a versatile artist who captivates his dance floor from the get-go, showcasing a multi-dimensional sound whether he’s on warm-up duties or a marathon all night set. 

Laying down the groundwork at Parisian club Pulp a decade ago, Jennifer Cardini has well and truly made an impression on the European soundscape and beyond, with an educated taste in techno, electro and disco as the bones of her DJ sets. What makes Cardini so memorable is her ability to blur the lines between these genres, resulting in a pulsating ride through the finest cuts in electronic music. 

A promising producer and DJ to come from the well-known pool of Neapolitan techno producers currently making a name for themselves worldwide, Aldoina brings a collection of relentless creations to the club to complement the rhythms of Fengler and Cardini. 

Our resident Kyle E completes the bill with his diverse sound, bouncing from moody techno to more melodious productions, as well as a plethora of his own material on the club’s WCF imprint.

For more info and to buy tickets visit the Egg LDN website