In a brothers Grimm revival, Vanessa Anne Redd puts a musical spin on a dark fairy tale.

Indie | Thursday 20th December 2018 | Grace

With a velvet voice and raw but playful guitar in her music, Vanessa Anne Redd brings her own style of quirkiness to the indie-folk genre.

Having already been compared to people like singer-song writer PJ Harvey, Redd can also be easily likened to bands like Cat Power, or St. Vincent.  She’s an artist that will make you want to put the headphones on, turn the volume up and get lost in the music.

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Her new single, What’s Next, is a dark story that re-tells the traditional fairy tales we are all used to. Venessa Anne Redd describes that song as being about “being lured by sweet sin into the woods, optimistic with the promise of good things to come but knowing the only certainty is the here and now.”


As well as being talented musically, Redd’s creativity spills over the mediums as she even directed her own brilliant music video, which shows her walking through the desert whilst words and colours overlap on the screen.

Check out her new single and catch up with all she’s doing on her Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.