The False Flag Phenomenon

Other | Wednesday 12th December 2018 | Deidre

It has become somewhat routine for conspiracies to emerge after major incidents. Even after the perpetrator steps forward and proudly claims responsibility, an air of distrust still lingers amongst conspiracy theorists. Most notable are the numerous conspiracy theories which continue to surround the events of major terrorist attack 9/11 in the United States which was eventually accredited to Al-Qaeda.

Claims of a conspiracy are not always as far-fetched as they may seem. Fuelling these claims lies the ‘false flag’ tactic. A false flag attack is when a particular party, group or nation is given blame some activity, disguising the actual source of the responsibility. 

Many incidents in the past have led to major events that were actually false flag attacks. Notably, the Nazis were avid fans of the false flag technique. For example, in Operation Himmler the Polish were often blamed for many attacks, that the Nazis orchestrated to justify their invasion of Poland.

Today, false flag theorists have already begun to eyeball the Strasbourg Christmas market shootings in France which occured 11th December, claiming that this was designed by the government to turn the public’s attention away from the ‘yellow vest’ protests in Paris which have been dominating headlines in recent weeks.