Artist of the Month: Chronixx

Reggae | Wednesday 5th December 2018 | Deidre

Remarkable things are happening for this reggae sensation. While some musicians would feel daunted being compared to the likes of reggae legend Bob Marley, the Spanish Town native shows no signs of intimidation just continued drive and ambition.

Having previously stated in interviews that as a child there were typically three places he could be found; school, church and the studio, these days the leader of the ‘reggae revival’ can be found performing on impressive stages such as Alexandra Palace in London and Cabaret Sauvage in Paris.

The ‘Odd Ras’ singer has stayed true to his convictions, sticking to clean lyrics and proving that it is most definitely possible to make it big in reggae and dancehall without being what some would say a stereotypical Jamaican artist is, and through this, he continues to inspire up-and-coming fellow musicians to be themselves. Willing to share his success and help others rise, Chronixx has taken under his wing, fellow Spanish Town native, Koffee. The pair shared the stage during Chronixx’s sold-out show in North London’s Alexandra Palace to a 10,000 strong audience, an event which he described as ‘a profound moment in my life’.

Through his relatable lyrics, consciousness and outstanding live performances, Chronixx continues to reel fans in by the thousands and is set to become the legend that he already knows he is.