Andy C returns to XOYO with another top series

Drum and Bass | Friday 30th November 2018 | Arren

Andy C will be the first ever returning resident at XOYO, with another killer 13 weeks billed at the venue in 2019.

XOYO have locked in another killer residency, with drum & bass megastar Andy C returning for another 13 week stint. The first ever returning resident, his last series at XOYO went down in the history books for all the right reasons. Huge line ups, giving drum & bass maximum coverage inside one of East London’s best venues - and they’re doing it all again!

From January 4th till 29th March, Andy will again be taking control of the club. Once again mad line ups have been billed including top DJs; Randall, Shy FX, Camo & Krooked, Fabio, DJ Hype….. You get the picture.

His last series was sold out, and we expect the same again this time round. Full line ups can be seen below and tickets can be bagged over at the XOYO site.

Andy C
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