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Other | Thursday 15th November 2018 | Osh

For too long, on mainstream media, black people have been under-represented outside the arenas of sport and music. 

Blakademik is a new show you can find online, that currently launches a new episode bi-weekly. The show, hosted by Jordan Jarrett Bryan, is a platform for black individuals to discuss the issues we come across in daily society. It was launched to counteract that lack of represenation of ethnic minorities on television and in the mainstream media and bring serious debate to the table, giving a voice to those who often go unheard.

So far, they've covered topics such as whether Black History Month should be scrapped, a great show discudding the pros and cons to sending your child private school or keep them in state school and the rise of black literature with an interesting selection of speakers like comedian, Dane Baptise and broadcaster and writer, Afua Hirsch, that provide a thought provoking discussion each time you watch.

It's great to see an organisation tackling the lack of diversity in the media and the breadth of ideas and angles they express on their chosen topics make for well rounded and fascinating discussions. Make sure you check out their nexy show

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