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House | Wednesday 14th November 2018 | Rosh

As a Deejay, this man has accomplished pivotal milestones within the last few years that many artists would love to aspire too. He's a regular at DC-10 for Circoloco, and can be seen frequently gracing the ones and two's at the best festivals around the globe.

His recent set at Paradise's mammoth ADE party had the crowd eating out of his hands with what proved to be one of the most memorable and energetic sets of the evening. His humble, motivated and an incredibly talented deejay who's about to shatter the glass roof right off Studio 338 for Amnesia's debut of Pyramid in London this weekend.

So Mr Detlef, how’s it going, what’s your current state of mind right about now?

All good thank you! I am pretty excited because I am building my studio and I am about to finish right on time for a really busy month and a half until the end of the year. 

You have had an amazing summer, playing literally all over the place. What’s been your maddest memory of the summer and why?

I am so happy with all the gigs I did this summer. It was the best one so far so I feel very blessed. The one that was really crazy was Elrow at Ushuaia though. I have never seen production like this before. There was a giant octopus floating above the club so was really surreal 

This November you set to play at Amnesias debut of their Pyramid show at Studio 338 in November, you looking forward to playing alongside Darius Syrossian and your b2b with Matthias Tanzmann?

I couldn't be more excited about it. Studio338 is a very special venue and Pyramid is an awesome party and the fact that I am playing a b2b with Tanzmann makes it special for me because he has been one of my heroes for a long time now. 

You are regarded as an official resident at Jamie Jones seminal night Paradise, how did that come about?

Well, I had a release on Hot Creations in 2016 and it went really well so then I made a couple of remixes for the label and started playing a few Paradise parties which lead to becoming a resident to the party. No need to say that this was a dream come true. Paradise at DC10? Oh my! What a combination.

Your EP “Swag On” became hugely successful and really catapulted your name as one of the leading stars of house and Techno. How did you feel after such critical acclaim which you received after the release?

It felt amazing, to be honest. I never thought that Swagon could do what it did and what made me really happy was to see it played by a variety of DJ's from soulful to super underground techno artists.

Are there any other big name collaborations we can expect from you in 2018, or perhaps 2019?

I don't collaborate often but yes there will be only a couple which really makes sense 

We see you playing often all over the UK, what are your best places to play here and why?

I love playing in the UK. The best country in the world. If I had to choose some cities it would be London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester. Best crowd ever 

What’s life like being on the road all the time, how do you keep yourself motivated and always ready to deliver your best performance?

I love being on the road but I can't wait to get to the club and have a party, so that's basically my motivation. 

You recently joined the Coda agency, how has that been for you and how important is it for a deejay like yourself to have the right agency behind you?

Good agencies are important for an artist because they can do the job much easier, but its a give and take relationship. You can't wait from an agency to give you gigs while you don't give something back and that's releasing good music on good labels so people want to see you play those tunes in a club. Then the agency steps in and makes everything smooth for everyone. 

So everyone knows you are from Greece, what was your musical influences when you were growing up and how accessible was House, Rave and Techno music to you during that time?

We actually had a great scene here and I was lucky to have listened to many famous DJs. Its really crazy as the clubs here used to throw parties every weekend. It's really quiet now though. 

Is there any place in the world you would love to play which you have not as yet, and why?

Brazil. I know they love to party but haven't been there yet. Will definitely visit in 2019

What does your typical week look like as a successful deejay and producer, how do you divide your time and still find time to rest and recover?

I do more desk work lately than anything else haha. A typical week will be me returning home Sunday or Monday and taking the rest of the day off, Monday/Tuesday I will wake up and work on emails while coordinating my studio build, Wednesday I do emails again, interviews and computer work and then check in on the studio build. Thursday either I leave for gigs or spend the day listening to promos. Then the rest of the days are party days. If my studio was ready I would be spending most of my time there.    

Name 3 dance floor weapons you are playing in your sets at the moment?

Roger That Elliot - Yardman
Joseph Edmund - The Pressure
Eskuche - Activator

Earlier this year you kicked off a b2b tour with Latman across Europe and USA, how was that, what’s the craziest story to come out of that tour?

Its always good fun travelling with Latmun. It's also great to travel with company and especially when you all get along. One story was once we stayed outside of the airport smoking and we ended up nearly missing our flight. 

How was Ibiza this year for you, some say that it’s becoming a bit elitist and there is too much of a focus on VIP packages and people who want to spend lots of money. What are your thoughts on this?

I really can't see that. Ibiza is for everyone. Underground, VIP, normal, strange or anyone, they all have a place inside the club and the reason is that the parties and music are good. As long as the music is great who cares about VIP tables or what someone is wearing or how someone looks. Ibiza its about the music and that's what it matters. 

What do you think you would be doing as a profession if you never made it as a successful deejay and producer?

I love electronics. I always try and fix what's broken so maybe I would be an electrician fixing synths?

If you had the chance to change or introduce a law in Greece today, what would this be and why?

Bras would be banned. I really don't need to explain why.

Amnesia presents Pyramid at Studio 338 w/ Sam Paganini, Matthias Tanzmann, Detlef and Darius Syrossian

Studio 338
Saturday 17th November


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