Your office wants to microchip you

Other | Sunday 11th November 2018 | Annalisa

This is all about to get a bit freaky... UK company, BioTeq, offers implants, a bit like those used to track pets, to businesses and individuals. The implant is embedded in your hand between your thumb and first finger and allows you to do things like open doors, open the company car and can also store medical data. If this hasn't weirded you out already, BioTeq have already fitted 150 implants in the UK. 

Whilst medically it might no be invasive, personally it could be. The CBI are the Confederation of British Industry are they represent 190,000 UK businesses. This leading trade organisation have voiced concerns about the prospect of microchipping employees saying the prospect "makes for distinctly uncomfortable reading". If you think it's bad enough that employers look up your Facebook page, this tech could mean more ways to control and micromanage and could strip away your right as an employee to privacy.