Why Orla Gartland's new track is about a topic we can all relate to.

Wednesday 7th November 2018 | Grace

Balancing on the line between pop and indie-folk, Orla Gartland has been impressing music fans since her first single hit the Irish iTunes charts at the tender age of 17. Six years later, with her new single Between My Teeth, this Dublin born singer-songwriter is still making memorable songs that deserve all the attention they can get.

Between My Teeth is a song that speaks to so many people about the pressure in a relationship of one person becoming too reliant on the other. “It's a song about trying to save someone; balancing the urge to help with the urge to run.” But, despite its serious lyrics, the song is up-beat and catchy. Gartland has already been compared to other sensations in her field like the ever-popular St. Vincent and the quirky and unique Regina Spektor because of their similarities in both sound and lyrics.

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Gartland will also be touring the UK at will be playing at London’s Koko in 28th November as well as The Union Chapel on 4th December. To find out more about her new single and tour dates, check out her Facebook and Twitter.