Tech industry in bed with Trump

Friday 26th October 2018 | Jake

Tech firms have long championed their ability to connect, an ability that wouldn’t go amiss in a world that seems to be dividing by the day. One of those intent on burning bridges and building walls is Donald Trump, and one would think companies with pretensions to being global would never mingle with a presidency so insular. But a report commissioned by Mijente, the National Immigration Project and the Immigrant Defense Project, has revealed the close ties between tech and Trump.

It is somewhat ironic that an industry dealing in the very cutting-edge of human intelligence can support a regime mired in dogmatic principles, one that deploys draconian techniques to enforce its narrow-minded policies. But the report, researched by Empower LLC, has revealed that Silicon Valley tech companies are making millions from Trump’s aggressive anti-immigration policies.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, self-styled ethical leader

By providing the White House with their technology, companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Palantir have assisted the surveillance, detention and deportation of immigrants. The report details the lengths to which tech companies have gone to keep these contracts a secret, suggesting the firms fear a backlash should the information come to light.

Many of these companies sell themselves pioneers of a new, better world, whilst their CEOs and leaders proclaim themselves a new breed of ethical billionaires. But once the masking odour of a few cheap words and empty promises evaporates, it all starts to reek of a cynical marketing ploy. The machinations of Silicon Valley’s best and brightest are well documented, and this latest report serves to remind us of the dreams once sold to us, and the nightmare that these monolithic tech companies have become.