Coda on a power surge for next Natty Dub drop

Drum and Bass | Saturday 22nd September 2018 | Tom

A regular DJ at the UK's longest running DnB event Warning, Coda has been making swift inroads into the very heart of the Drum and Bass scene.

Coda has come through with releases on several highly regarded labels since his debut on Lockdown Records back in 2008, while his most recent outings on the resurgent Grid Records and Mampi Swift’s renowned Charge imprint have fatefuly paved the way for his return to second home Natty Dub Recordings, a label where he is soon to drop the heavy duty, hi-octane rollers “Power Surge” and “Want More”.  

Power Surge” takes the lead here delivering a rampant whomping bass line melody, Sci Fi soundscapes and tight flowing drums will keep the dance floors busy rocking on long after the drop subsides. “Want More” is a more racy affair, making use of urgent drums and a step up in pace for the tonal, 2000 era, Full Cycle style bass line will keep any crowd skipping along happily for months to come.

These two killer cuts once again showcase Coda’s ability to capture one of the finest eras in drum and bass history and effortlessly fuse it with the modern dance floor. 
A must have addition to the record bag of the fans of that ultra luxurious, rolling Drum and Bass.

“Power Surge” and “Want More” will be available on the 26th September from the Natty Dub Online Shop.

Coda - Soundcloud    Natty Dub Reordings - Twitter