Ones To watch - The Great Escape 2018!

Indie | Wednesday 16th May 2018 | Alice

The Great Escape 2018 is bursting with new music, more diversity and the likelihood of over and double booking your plans to attend multiple gigs. The festival's standard to music is at its pinnacle, showcasing the bloom of upcoming talent from around the UK and the world. Having added over 100 emerging artists it is inevitable you will discover new artists, new venues and more of the music you love, however, we thought it only right to point out a few of our favourites that you should most definitely see, this year at The Great Escape.

Tom Grennan

Tom Grennan returns to TGE following an explosive set the year before. Over the past year, Tom has risen to success with a beautifully nostalgic narly tone, mixed with bounds of energy. Following his headline tour with support coming from none other than Ten Tonnes, you can be close to guaranteeing favourites from Grennen including 'Praying' (maybe even acoustic if you’re lucky) and hits such as 'Royal Highness'. 

Grennan will be playing at THE OLD MARKET at 10:15 pm on Saturday.

Nina Nesbitt

The Great Escape welcomes Scottish Singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt, performing at SALLIS BENNEY THEATRE 10: 30 pm on Thursday. Nesbitt’s latest work focuses on nostalgia and strength as well as moments with darker undertones. Nesbitt’s performances for songs such as ‘The Moments I’m Missing’ transport the listener back to days where life’s pace was slower mixed with innocence and tranquillity before the pace carries you to confront more challenging years of life. The singer has the ability to move through more delicate years of your life before snapping to upbeat and strong vulnerabilities from a different angle. You won’t want to miss the chance to be transported and challenged.

Jerry Williams

Alongside the likes of artists like Nina Nesbitt and Tom Grennan is Jerry Williams, with spritely indie pop. Williams has found success not only in the UK but throughout Europe and the US performing at SXSW, Texas. Gigging over the UK Williams has garnered the attention of the attention of thousands of fans. So if you’re looking for light rhythm sections and vocals mixed with transporting songs then Williams is the one for you.

The artist will be performing at THE HOPE AND RUIN 7:45 pm on Thursday and the KOMEDIA STUDIO BAR at 12:30 pm on Saturday.

Dream Wife

Bringing their Brighton formation roots to Brighton with songs where you can hear pure guitar music and urban punk rock, Dream Wife illustrate tight vocals and captivating guitar rhythms. The band have mentioned being influenced by music legends like Bowie and Madonna, which can be picked out instantly in their own work. The dynamic trio play at BEACH CLUB at 8:45 pm on Thursday.

You can find the full artist lineup for TGE here