Killer combo of Dandadda & Ragga Twins leaves you the 'Last Man Standing'

Reggae | Thursday 7th December 2017 | Patience

Birthed by producer Dan Vinci, The Dandadda has enlisted the help of the legendary English group, The Ragga Twins for his latest single; 'Last Man Standing'.

The track gives off a raw and uncontested energy reflecting the Ragga Twins sound. Which blends perfectly with The Dandadda's mesmerising blend of reggae-tinted dance music. With a recent music video to highlight the fun but aggressive nature of the song, it is obvious that this is going to be one for packed out dance floors.

Combined with The Dandadda's energetic reputation, he is grabbing the attention of critics and tastemakers alike, from famed radio presenter Eddy Temple-Morris to video premieres with Fame Magazine & Soho Radio. Described by Noisey as "sick" and "the ultimate festival act" by radio personality Eddy Temple Morris, The Dandadda are slowing rising through the ranks. Easily one to watch in the scene right now.