Adam F – Colours: Over 20 Years of DnB

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 7th November 2017 | Isaac

Adam F is without a doubt a founding father of what we now consider the standard of British electronic music.

Adam F, or Adam Fenton, is a British born record producer and DJ, well known for songs like Metropolis or Mother Earth. With some of his songs making it into the Top 20 in the UK charts.

His debut album Colours was released over 20 years ago on November 3rd, 1997 and it launched Adam F into orbit. A place from which he continued to oversee the development of British electronic music as co-founder of the drum and bass label Breakbeat Kaos, alongside DJ-Fresh.

Since its creation, Breakbeat Kaos has been responsible for bringing British DnB to the world. Releasing world famous albums and songs such as, Hold Your Colour by Pendulum and Gold Dust by DJ Fresh. Not to mention releasing music for Sigma and Camo & Krooked, just to name a couple.

Adam F also branched out into Electronica, Hip Hop and Big Beat but for now, at least, let’s remember him for the DnB.