Jack White's Growling Number 'Battle Cry' Meets Baseball

Indie | Sunday 9th April 2017 | Rachel

Without a word or warning, Jack White dropped his newest single 'Battle Cry' on Friday evening, where it was able to be streamed by the public. 

The newest single by the once shredding guitarist, and vocalist of the rock band The White Stripes has served two purposes. One of which was to boast Whites talents as an ever prosperous solo artist. But also more poignantly, the booming track will feature as Detroit Tigers' Ian Kinsler's walk-up music. 

The tune will also be used to soundtrack Whites promotional film 'War Cry', advertising his co-owned baseball bat company, Warstic. 

Watch the promotional video titled The Battle of The Hawk & The Raven below: 

Collectors are warned to keep their eyes peeled, as this new hefty instrumental rock ballad will be released as a limited edition, golden 7 inch vinyl record, on Record Store Day, only to be found in Whites very own Third Man Records record label outposts, as well as a selection of independent record shops. So don't miss out.