Jungle Splash presents Jungle X DnB at Brixton Jamm

Drum and Bass | Thursday 21st January 2016 | Arren

Jungle Splash is bringing the noise back to Brixton Jamm.

Can’t decide if you prefer jungle or drum & bass? Well just so you can compare, Jungle Splash and Drum and Bass HQ have combined their efforts for a party at Brixton Jamm on February 6th.

On the night they will introduce DnB Splash and Jungle X DnB, both boasting tight line-ups. Both rooms at the club will see the genres go head to head, something that’s sure to make a lot of noise.

Across the night expect juggernauts of the scene, from Kenny Ken (pictured above) and Brockie to Toronto Is Broken and Bryan Gee, injecting Brixton Jamm with a high dosage of jungle and drum & bass. Check the full line-up below.

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