Welcome to Hvar, Croatia

Other | Wednesday 19th June 2013 | Keshav

Hvar is the place to be this summer!


Looking for a break this summer without having to break the bank? Well Hvar is it. With a population of 11,000 people, it is one of the largest Croation Islands and one of Europe's gems. Enjoy the heat in Hvar during the summer! Tourists get to embrace picturesque landscapes and sun soaked  beaches. This Croatian city provides the ideal oppotunity to get away and just relax, with historic attractions such as castles and cathedrals which surround the city's main square.  If you’re a fan of food then there’s certainly no shortage of quality restaurants on the island, popular restuarants include ‘Zlatna Skoljka’, a luxury resturarnt providing the best in European cuisine.  Much like Hvar everything is cooked to perfection.

Kick back in the evenings with Hvar’s many wine bars and enjoy some of the finest wines from vineyards all across Europe. Why not roam some of Croatia's finest vineyards yourself? Try the best of wines with a side of local olives. Hvar was voted one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world and it is no wonder. Guests can stay in small, homely inns which are located throughout the breath-taking city, either on the beach or in the busy central.

Hvar is traditionally known for being a ferry port, it is a strong link for trade between Europe and the Atlantic. Not only does this European island have beautiful scenery to boast, but it also has a superb culture, with a unique gastronomy and beautiful bays.  If it’s night life your after, then Hvar has a large number of bars and clubs that are scattered around town. Ancient Grecco-Roman remains are only a 15 minute drive away which will amaze the most enthusiastic of travellers.

Experience Hvars cliffs or sit on its beautiful beaches under majestic palm trees as the time passes you by and day turns to night. This is really the most breath taking  island you will see in Europe and with its dynamic activity range its sure to provide something for everybody no matter what your taste ! 

Keshav Kapoor