B.Miles speaks about her sound and style in a transatlantic Q&A

Indie | Sunday 5th July 2015 | Christina

Alt-pop singer-songwriter B.Miles has made waves with her debut single ‘Nine Matches’ but she’s not resting on her laurels, she’s establishing a unique visual style and gigging relentlessly in LA. We got to know more about her and her sound in a transatlantic Q&A.

How’s it going? Life treating you well?
Everything is going pretty swell right now. I really don't have many complaints at the moment. I've been feeling pretty creative lately so I guess that's good. 

How did you get into music? Was it something you always knew you wanted to do?
Yeah. I have always loved singing and I've kind of always wanted/ tried to find a way to have that be my profession. It's slowly working out for me. 

You’re based in sunny LA but your music definitely has a dark edge. Where does that come from?
Well, if you get to know me, you'll see that I'm actually a very happy and dorky human. But I use my music as a way for me to channel my darkness so that I don't walk around the streets being all depressed and sad. My music is really an escape for me. Not to sound all cliché. 

Lots of different terms are being used to describe your sound – alt-pop, dark pop, electronic shoegaze – what do you call it?
It's hard to describe my sound just because I don't want to ever pigeonhole myself creatively. But I would say that it does stem from these themes of dark and pop. It's got to be bangable though, if I could be frank. 

You’ve already been compared to the likes of Banks and London Grammar but who would you say your influences are?
My biggest influences at the moment are Jai Paul and Jamie xx. Although, lately I've also been super into those 90's R&B melodies, a little Janet Jackson never hurts. 

Your track ‘Nine Matches’ has been very well received, you must be delighted with the reception it’s got?
Haha. I'm beyond delighted by the reception it has gotten. I really couldn't be happier, and I hope that people keep enjoying the work that I put out. 

The video is mesmerising. I know you said that you wanted it to be something that would raise questions and feel uncomfortable for the audience. Where did the concept come from? Can you give us any more insights into the video?
It was a beautiful collaborative effort by myself, Eric Nizgretsky, and the great J.D. Aronson. We kind of discussed the song based on the colours we felt emotionally. We also agreed that the video should be a snapshot of uncomfortable situations and emotions. I'm honestly quite lucky that I had Eric and Aronson to help make this come true. 

You’ve definitely established a strong visual style, is this aspect of being a musician and performer something that you enjoy?
Yeah, it's something that I believe is just part of the project. It's not just a music project, it's an outlet of emotion. The same way of when you think of milk, you think of a cow. This music comes from a specific place and therefore, those images and visuals need to sell the point. 

You’ve been gigging a lot in LA, what have been your best and worst moments so far?
Best moments: having an inebriated crowd. 

Worst moments: having an inebriated drummer. 

Do you have any plans to tour in the UK and Europe? We need you this side of the pond!
Oh I wish. Hopefully soon I'll have enough of a fan base here so that it can make sense to cross the pond :) 

Do you have any rituals you go through before you play a show?
I don't want to sound like an alcoholic here, but I'm not gonna lie, having a nice glass of whiskey or a Manhattan is something that I have prior to a show. I also need to call my mom. Without her wisdom I'd be lost on that stage. 

When can we expect an album from you?
It's funny you say that, because I really want to put out an album right now, but there is kind of this beauty in releasing these songs as singles and watching them take on a life of their own. But I'd say you'll see an album from me once I get a bunch of fans heckling me about it. 

In your Twitter bio, you describe yourself as “a dark energizer bunny confused with its place in the world”. Are you any closer to figuring it out?
I wish I was, but I feel confident that I will one day. 

What are you listening to right now?
Shh, don't tell anyone, but I was able to find the Jai Paul leaked non-album and I've been obsessed. Also my songwriting partner Eric Nizgretsky and I have been jamming to Jamie xx's album, and in my opinion it is the best album of the year. But I gotta shout out Unknown Mortal Orchestra, really creative dudes. 

What’s the first record you bought?
The first record I bought was ‘Brown Sugar’ by the Rolling Stones. Huge ups to my dad for the introduction to those legends.

Which song in the history of music do you wish you had written?
‘Since I've Been Loving You’ by Led Zeppelin. The ebb and flow of that track is breath taking. It's actually a heart wrenching song. Great number. 

Your house is burning down and you have time to save one item, what do you choose?
Easily my sheepy blanket. Can't sleep without it. 

If you could fill a swimming pool with anything, what would it be and why?
Sheep. I have a weird obsession with them. Mostly due to my sheep blanket. 

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