Justin Vernon Wears his Fans on his Sleeve

Indie | Monday 17th September 2012 | Osh

The lead singer of Bon Iver, Justin Vernon, has decided that he wants a tattooed sleeve to commorate his favourite television show, Northern Exposure. As if dedicating the name of your band to it wasn't enough. There was an episode where a woman, Cicely, dances culture into a Gold Rush Town from their tavern and this is the image he intends to stamp onto his arm.

To make things even more interesting, he has put a competition up on 99 designs where anyone could enter and has reduced it down to a few finalists. The winner will not only have a design of their own on the arm of a noted musician but also could receive monetary compensation.

Brilliant. Check out the finalists designs and place your vote on the 99designs website.

By Emily Kay