Sharp and Suave

Wednesday 20th June 2012 | Osh


There’s nothing wrong with fixing up and making sure people are jealous of your swag. Forget women’s fashion, men’s is what it’s all about!


Whether you believe in men’s fashion and if they should make an effort or not doesn’t really matter anymore because of the latest men’s fashion brands and trends overtaking catwalks and shop floors. The international menswear market was worth £20 billion in 2011 and is growing faster than womenswear. Does this mean that women are shopping less?


How about men are shopping more! Being fashion conscious isn’t harmful and can actually help blag that dream job or the girl that would never have looked at you twice. For those who think that all there is to menswear is a blazer, trousers, leather boots and a select few ties are on the same wave length as myself. However, what make these simple articles of clothing are the varieties you can get them in. From striped and fitted to loose and boy cut there’s an array of choice but no clothes make a finished version without some trustworthy set of cufflinks, designer shoes and an empowering aftershave.


The above is only about a smart look for men. Remember, there’s so many more things that make up men’s fashion; I won’t list all of them because there are too many items! There’s the summer look with calf length jeans, the beach look with man sandals and printed t-shirts, casual evening/day wear etc…


MEN: Look as suave as you feel and embrace men’s fashion. Make the ladies want to show you off!


Arti Rajput