Blame Interview

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 14th December 2011 | Osh

What was the first record you bought? 

Bit of a random one, really old school cartoon themes like Mr Pickwick actually. They were childrens tunes that were on vinyl at the time. 

You have been making music for years, with releases on Good Looking, Metalheadz and Moving Shadow, would you consider yourself a pioneer in the music scene? 

I wouldn't say that but it's good to know I was there at the start of the scene when drum and bass wasn't even called drum and bass. I wouldn't say that it was pioneering but being able to release on those labels is something to be proud of. 

You recently played at Radio 1's Big Weekend in Bangor. How did that compare to the club gigs? 

It was incredible. It was so different to the club gigs, they are completely different. You are on a lineup with so many people that you have respected for years and playing to such a massive crowd.

The small club gigs though are amazing in a different way, wicked vibes which is more intimate. I will try and do more of the bigger venues now though. 

'Blame and Friends' recently took centre stage in BBC's Maida Vale studios. What was your first thought when you heard you would be playing in such a celebrated venue? 

First thought was panic. It wasn't going to be a 'turn up and play' studio session. I thought how am I going to do this?! To get about 8 singers together for rehearsals, with big names such as Tinchy Stryder and Jocelyn Brown was the hard bit but once everyone agreed and showed up on time on the day everything else was a blur. When the red light went on everything just went out the window. I was on the keyboard and everything just blended but it was incredible. 

Your single 'On My Own' was released in April ft Tinchy Stryder and Fuda Guy (or Ruff Sqwad) What made you decide to collaborate with them and produce something that is different to your previous releases? 

I decided to change the tempo up a bit, you can't make the same sounding tunes forever and getting Tinchy and Fuda on came naturally as my manager bumped into Tinchy's people and it all just happened! They really liked it, and it went from there really. Nice to mix it up a bit. 

You have collaborated with a number of different artists recently including Dynamite Mc, Jocelyn Brown and Selah producing the very successful Because of You. Do you feel the collaborations produce a wider range of listener or better tune? 

Yeah I think that when I make an instrumental track now I always see it as half a track. I expect to hear vocals on it, which leaves me looking for vocalists. It definitely appeals to a wider audience because the vocals give something that the instrumental track doesn't. 

Your album 'The Music' is due to release in the summer. Have you finished it yet to the point where you are happy and what can we expect from it? 

It's all finished now, I was just finishing off one last track but it is all done. It's mainly drum and bass but there are a lot of collaborations in there such as Jocelyn Brown and Tinchy. Its a different sound because the tempo's are different which gives a different sound.  

Which do you prefer- making your own tune or a remix? 

Making and finishing your own tune to a point where you are happy to hear it play on a dance floor is the best feeling. But to get to that point you go through a lot of stages where you are not happy with what you've got. When you feel like it's not happening there are moments where you could just remix someone else's track, its finished but you just put your own spin on it. Completing a track though to your own high standards, nothing beats it. 

You are doing Wireless festival this summer, what other festivals are you playing at and where are you most looking forward to playing? 

Yeah I'm playing at Rockness this weekend in Scotland and then Wireless and LED Festival are also confirmed, all of which should be good! 

And finally..if the whole music thing hadn't of worked out, what do you think you would be doing instead? 

I would be a graphic designer. I studied it and got a job in it but all the time I was just thinking about music and making music, so I decided to take the music route. 


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