X-Men: Days of Future Past

Other | Monday 7th July 2014 | Francesco

The X-Men saga keeps going with a new installment. With the unexpected decision of Bryan Singer to direct again after his departure at the end of X Men 2, the fandom was eager to see how this change of director will effect this intriging movie.

The result is more than satisfying. The movie is set in two timelines. In the future a group of killer robots called the Sentinels are exterminating all the mutants. As a result  a small number of mutant survivors  including Wolverine, Magneto and Xavier are trying to prevent the construction of what will be the cause of their death.  So they send the consciousness of Wolverine to 1973 in order to save the scientist Bolivar Trask from death by the hand of Mystique. The movie revolves around plot twists and game changing events that will leave you breathless and trapped in this multiplicity of time travel. The large cast includes all the new actors who firstly appeared in X-Men First class like Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence, with various actors from the first three movies such as Peter Dinklage and Ian McKellen.  An bonus for long time fans of the X-Men movies. Expect to see pleasant suprise cameos.

After the major disappointment of the third movie of the saga and all the series of spin-offs created after Last Stand including Wolverine and X-Men First class, the seventh installment obtained a large consensus from critics and from audiences alike. It will easily become the most profitable X-Men movie.  We can conclude that Bryan Singer did his job well.

At the end of the movie don’t miss the beginning of what will be the eighth installment of the X-Men Saga: X-Men: Apocalypse. After months of speculation on the web, now we have the teaser that was shown after the ending credits. The infamous villain called En Sabah Nur makes his entrance in an srange ancient Egyption scenario.You can watch it here: 

Francesco Bacci